Christian MALLY, Director BD Corp. Partnerships Pulsalys & Teacher-Lecturer Grandes écoles (Ecole Centrale, INSA, CPE)-Univ. Lyon-France

Christian MALLY

Pharma Licensing Club France

Christian is a business developer, mainly in the field of life sciences, involved in several international very successful deals. In the meantime, since 2012, Christian is in charge of teaching « International negociation and cultural impact on deal makings »​ at the University and several « Grandes Ecoles »​ (Ecole Centrale Lyon, INSA Lyon; CPE; Doctorants).

Basically « Toxicology Expert »​, Head of the toxicology department of Lipha Group from 1981 to 1991, Christian was appointed as Director of the Corporate Licencing of Merck-Lipha in charge of the fields of metabolic diseases (Diabetes and complications), CNS , addiction, dermato/cosmetology, OTC…from 1991 to 2000.
During this period, majors deals were finalized including
– out-licensing (Glucophage to BMS-USA / 2.5 bioUSD per year), Glucophage is still the best seller french pharma product in the USA ever !
– In-licensing (Tacalcitol from Teijin-Japan),
– companies take over (Monot now Merck Medication Familiale; Theramex)
– brand names: Catalgine
In 2000, with other shareholders, Christian has been involved in the set up of a startup, ClinicalLand, devoted to the management of Clinical Trials Investigators.
In 2007, after the sale of ClinicalLand, Christian moved as the head of Tech Transfer at Institut Pasteur, with the initiation or finalization of several agreements and partnerships (HIV, Malaria, Inflammation, Tuberculosis, pain, Flue, dengue…) with Institut Mérieux, GSK Bio, Sanofi Pasteur; Servier, Danone, Stragen ….Finally, a wonderful experience in term od knowledge and scientific network, in one the most prestigious research Institute in the world
By the end of 2010, Christian joined Lyon Science Transfer, the valorization tool of the university of Lyon (11500 researchers…) as Operating Director; when Lyon Science Transfert merged with the incubator Créalys to set up the SATT PULSALYS. For strategic reasons, Christian was appointed as Director of Business Development /Corp. Partnerships.
Since 2016, Christian has been involved in teaching, international trips and conferences (France, Japan, US, Oceania…) and consulting.

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